Aurianne Vial (France)

fr_aurianne_vialI wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a child, my mother is a hairdresser as well. Before I started my apprenticeship, we went together to a hairdressing competiton (because in my job we don't have only the WorldSkills Competiton but others groups to do internationals competitions). During this competition I knew I wanted to be champion of the world. So I started to train 6 days by week and I started to win (champion of France, silver medal in Moscow for the european championship, silver in Berlin hairworld championship and a lot of prizes in New york, Las Vegas, Ultrecht, Francfort, Paris....) but it was not enough! I wanted a medal at the WorldSkills Competion. To go to the international selection, you must win the area and national selections which I did. In September 2001 I won the gold medal in Seoul, Korea at the WorldSkills Competition. I think it was one of the most fabulous day in my life. After the Competiton I went to London to improve my english and in 2003 I opened my own buisiness in my city (Roanne) I have 5 employees and a lot of work (to buy salon my qualification in Korea helped me a lot, because when you ask for money at the bank and you say "I'm 21, I'm champion of the world....." they trust you easily). In addition, I work for an artistic team of hairdressing products call Eugene Perma. I give some courses to the others french hairdressers.

In 2005 I was one of the French team leader's and I am a member of the association of the past competitors. For me it was very important to go in Australia for the WorldSkills Youth Forum (, because I think that nobody can relate and understand better than the past competitors, how the Competition must work. I look forward to seeing our suggestions implemented in the coming WorldSkills Competitions.  

WorldSkills International Member in France is: