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Skills Finland:Vocational excellence training units and WorldSkills tryouts in England

A second group of Finns who participated in a Leonardo expert exchange  “Learning from each other”  to England was  hosted by UK Skills.  The group was headed by the author of this post and it included electrical installation skill manager Jorma Kärkkäinen (Ylä-Savo Vocational College), cleaning services skill manager Tiina Joensuu (Keuda Vocational College), docent Petri Nokelainen (Actualising Vocational [...]

Medal your Potential

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and creating something where there was nothing. To have a tangible piece of work which was mine. When I was still at school I liked the challenge of trying new methods and tools to develop and change my “work” – it was just a hobby, mucking around, but [...]

Medal Your Potential

When I was sixteen years old and finishing my compulsory basic education, I wanted  to learn a skilled trade. Apart from being sick of having my head in  books, I wanted to start my own business and the only way I was going to do that was take up an apprenticeship and start learning. Anyway, [...]

Technology Trends

All major companies forecast what the next technology trends will be. These companies must also plan to recruit the skilled workers that will advance their companies position in the use of these technologies. In order to predict these trends we must first understand the technologies that will be involved. During an economic downturn, competitive businesses [...]

Manufacturing Team Challenge

Manufacturing Team Challenge (MTC) is an exciting team based WorldSkills skill competition reflecting what happens in a typical manufacturing environment where a solution to a problem has to be developed and then manufactured to meet specifications while working to a budget. The MTC team (three Competitors) is able to prepare a solution for a problem [...]