The Seoul Tower

The Seoul Tower was launched in 1969 to send TV and radio broadcast. Its observation platform and other facilities was first open to the public on October 15, 1980. Ever since 1,6250,000 people including famous persons and tourists have visited the tower, making it one of the busiest tourist attractions. Visitors to the tower will be amused by 'Global Village Folks Museum,' displaying some 20,000 rare and precious cultural relics from more than 100 countries all over the world.

63 Building (Yuksam Building)

63 Building was schemed in February, 1979, designed in August of the same year. The cornerstone-laying ceremony was held on February 19 in 1980, the roof-raising ceremony on October 15 in 1983. To build this secure, comfortable, beautiful and computer-managed building, Korean, American and Japanese scholars and technical experts was mobilized and many kinds of up-to-date technologies were applied and adated.

Lotte World

Lotte World is a small city with a department store, hotel, hospital and sports center, rather than an amusement park. The World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world, which visitors can enjoy without regard to weather.

Seoul Land

Located in Kwachon city, Kyonggi-do province, Seoul Land of a general entertainment complex formed for all the Korean people at the time of hosting 1988 Olympic Games. Seoul Land with an area of over 100,000 pyong is divided into 5 sections of their own theme : World Square, Samchonri Dongsan, Future World, Fantasy World and Adventure World. The Land is a family park where children and teenagers can spread their dreams and imaginations. It also offers various rides such as Cosmic Pleasure Boat, Blackhall 2000, Galaxy Railroad, Drifting, Magic Carpet, Pakchi Train, King Viking, Cosmic Car and others, and houses visual facilities including Dizzy! Cubic Room, Surprise! Adventure Center, Biting! Theater, Story World.


After lighting a wick of the culture of local leisure and service with opening of Chayonnongwon as the first family park in Korea, Everland has shown pioneership for more than 20 years, contributing to lift up the culture of family entertainment to an international level. Everland has aound 40 up-to-date attrctions and the only complex wild Sapari World in the world. It also holds flower festivals by season, strated from the rose festivals in 1985. Ti accomodates 3 parks : ��Festival World��with the first and longest snowboard ground in Korea, ��Caribbean Bay��as the best indoor and outdoor water park and ��Everland Speedway��-giving anusement and happiness to everyone without distinction of age or sex.

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park was opened in May, 1973. Composed of green woods and lawns with an area of 180,000 pyong, the park plays an important role as a resting and cultural space for the youth and the eldery as well as children.
The Park holds many kinds of facilities including an amusement park for children, a swimming pool, a lawn square, a pond, a fountain, PR Center of Korea Telecom, Moving Exhibition Center of Atomic Energy, Nature Education Ground, a botanical garden and a zoo.

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