Wanggung-summunjang-kyodae-uisik (The Shift Ritual of Gate Gaurds of Palace)

Period :
April 11 to November 1
On Saturdays and Sundays 14:00 - 15:30 (15:00 - 16:30 in July and August)
Place : Around Taehan Gate of Toksugung Palace
Main Events :
The Ritual of Guards of Kungsongmun Gate
Parade and Shift Ritual
Other Events :
24 pan military arts (4. 11)
Kukwang-chinrim-yolbyong Ritual (5. 9)
Exhibition of Court Guard Uniforms (9. 12)
Kyonjangchuljang Ritual (10. 10)
Sungjonmu(Triumph Dance) (11. 1)
Special Events :
Souvenir photographing with a model in traditional Korean guard uniforms,
Low-priced souvenirs such as key rings, T-shirts, miniatures of guards, bottle openers and so on

Unhyongung Palace Karye (Reenactment of Royal Wedding)

What is Karye?
'Kukhon', a royal marriage ritual, has very strict and complicated procedures and rules. 'Kukhon' is divided into 'Karye' and 'Kilrye'. 'Karye' is a wedding of a prince to be a king and 'kilrye' is a wedding of other princes and princesses. The procedures of a royal wedding ritual was not changed by time, but was provided by the rules from Early Choson Period sach as 'Sejonshillok-yeji', 'Kukjo-o-rye-ui' and 'Kukhonjongrye'. As the procedures consist of 6 rituals including Napchae, Napjing, Kogi, Chaekbi and Chinyong. 'Karye was a national festival which continued through several months and mobilzed thousands of people.

Place : Unhyongung Palace
Date : 1999. 4. 24(Saturday) 14:00 - 15:10
1999. 10. 30(Saturday) 14:10 - 15:10

Chongmyodaeje (Royal Ancestral Rituals)

Chongmyo is a royal ancestral shrine to enshrine the spirit tablets of the kings ad queems ad conduct the memorial rites. With Sajikdan, it is a symcol of the country.
The memorial rites were conducted four times a year during Choson Dynasty, but annually at the present. The rites ate accompanied by highly ritualized misic, song and dance. This music is Chongmyo Ritual Music in a wide sense. Chongmyo, with Chongmyo Ritual Music, was included on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Date : The 1st Sunday of May
Place : Chongmyo(Yongnyongjon, Chongjon)
Transfortation : Get off Subway Line 1 or Line 3 at Chonmyo 3-ga Station and walk 5 minutes
Phone Number : (02)765-2124��5

Sajikdaeje(Sajik Rituals)

"Sa" is an ancestral tablet taking charge of land and "Jik"is called an ancestral tablet of the five grains. The traditional rituals on Sajik Alter was an activity to pray God for the stability of the country and its people.

Period : October
Place : Sajikdan Alter, Sajik-dong
Transfortation : Get off Subway Line 3 at Kyongbokgung Station and walk 10 minutes
Phone Number : (02)731-0410��2

Myong-dong Festival

Myong-dong is a center of commerce, culture and banking in the heart of Seoul, and is crowded with hotels, department stores and all kids of stores.
The Myong-dong Festival is hosted by the merchants in this area.

Period : Late March to Middle April, and September
Place : Myong-dong
Transfortation : Get off Subway Line 1 at City Hall Station and Walk 10 minuts/
Get off Subway Line 2 at Ulgiro Station/
Get off Subway Line 4 at Nyong-dong Station
Host : Association of Merchants in Myong-dong, Chung-gu
Phone Number : Association of Merchants in Myong-dong (02)776-6178, (02)260-1411

Taehakro Festival

Taehakro(University Street), famous as Maronie Park, with many performance sites and outdoor theaters, is the representative cultural street in Seoul. The Festival is a cultural one which everyone without the distiction of age or sex can enjoy.

Period : May and October
Place : Between Hyehwa-dong Rotaty and Ewha-dong
Transfortation : Get off Subway Line 4 at Hyehwa-dong Station
Host : Chongno Cultural Center
Phone Number : (02)731-0628��9

Shinchon Cultural Festival

Located nearby Ehwa Women's, Yonsei, Sogang and Hong-ik universities, Shinchon is the center of university culture. The Festival is held to develop the unique local culture of this area.

Period : 3 days from the 3rd Friday in May
Place : Around Shinchon
Transfortation : Get off Subway Line 2 at Shinchon Station and Walk 10 minuts/
Host : The Driving Committee for the Shinchon Cultural Festival
Phone Number : (02)330-1412

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