Lotte Department Store

" A department store pursuing customer's abundant life with sencere service"
Proudof its convenient location to be directly connected by subway and its broad shopping space, Lotte Department Store was opened in 1979 ad now has 5 chains in Seoul includig Chamshil, World, Yongdungp'o, Chongnyangri and Kwan-ak branches as well as the main store.
The Store mainly deal with men's, wome's ad children's clothing, miscellaneous goods, stationery, sportswear, housewares and food. The Store also runs other businesses such as the production and sale of uniforms, the export business, wedding hall and cultural center than the department store.

Shinsegye Department Store

Shinsegye Department Store offers customer-satisfying products ad service in every field of daily life and culture, contributing to its customer's rich and happy life. Proud of the oldest history and tradition in Korea, the Store has 4 domestic branches. It is the first store to introduce credit card system to Korea ad has led the nodernization of circulation by creating its origial brand.
It separated fron Samsung ad opened E-mart, the first discount mall in Korea, leading the circulting revolution with destroyed price. The closing day is Thursday. Use of Shinsegye card can get some discount in Choson Hotel, Carnestation, O Kims at Apgujong-dong.

Midop'a Department Store

Taking the lead in the modern circulation business, Midop'a Department Store is running 3 ranches of MetroMidop'a, Chongnyangri and Sanggye. The main store ad Myong-dong has been changed to a special store dealing with fashion goods for the youth since 1994, the Chongnyangri branch started the first adherent-to-local-society store in the northeastern area of Seoul in 1978. Sanggye branch is the largest store with an area of 23,000 pyong in the northeastern area of Seoul, and is a store, suggesting a new life pattern to the local residents, equipped with sports and leisure facilities, a movie theater , a art gallery and a multipupose theater as well as shopping space.

Grand Department Store

Grand Department Store equipped with a large shopping space and sports and leisure facilities, has 6 stories ad 2 basement levels. Other facilities include a lage supermarket, stage for cultural performances, a gallery, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a synthetic gym and many reataurants.

New Core Department Store

A Korean-stle department store with a slogan of "Sweat, Wisdm ad Spirit of Koreans", New Core Department Store started as a supermarket with an area of 300 pyong in 1978, was expanded ito a department store in 1980 and is leading the circulating revolution by creating new businesses such as Kims Club and New Mart. The 5-story Department Store with old wing and new wing stands in front of the Express Bus Terminal.

Brengtang Department Store

'Brengtang Seoul' Department Store, a branch in Seoul of Dong-a Departmet Store, was opened in 1988, with a basement and 8 stories. The Department Store in a franchise contract with 'O Brengtang' Department Store in France, holds corners for imported clothing from France, trying to offer high-quality and special goods to its customers. There is Place de la Madeleine supermarket in the basement, miscellaneous items for ladies in the 1st floor, women's clothing through the 2nd to the 4th floors, men's clothing in the 5th floor, sports junior in th 6th floor and restaurants in the 7th and 8th floors.

Hyundai Department Store

With a convinient location directly connected by subway, Hyundai Department Store displays various goods by each floor and holds a gallery, restaurants, coffee shops and an outdoor sculpture park, which plays a part as a rest place in the downtown area.

Aegyong Department Store

Located in Kuro-dong, Kuro-gu, Seoul, Aegyong Department Store accommodates sports center, Wedding Consultation Center, a movie theater, a site for computer education. The Department Store gives Yellow Card Service, Wheel Chair Helper Service, Baby-sitting Service and Compensating-5-times-for-the-damaged-goods Service to its customers.

Kyongbangphil Department Store

'New Life Fashion Department Store'
Kyongbangphil Department Store started as 'A High-Quality and Prctical Department Store' in Yongungp'o on August 31, 1994. The Department Store was redecorated the whole store as 'A New Life Fashion Department Store' with women's clothing emphasised. Kyongbangphil with a basement and 8 stories selected Herstory (new history from the viewpoint of women) started from fashion as a new theme.

Samsung Praza

'New Life Design'. Describing itself as a downtown oasis for the youth and office workers in twenties and thirties, Samsung Plaza is a complex shopping mall, offering cultural, resting and meeting places for the youth ad office workers.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market opened in 1416 is famous for not only its oldest tradition and history but also the largest scale and volume of business in Korea.
The Market is such a general market with a wide spectrum of goods that people say "If Namdaemun Market don't sell, nowhere in Korea sell." The fame of the Market come from its various goods and low prices. The many shops in the market sell all kinds of goods including clothes, housewares, food, accessaries, stationery, glasses, flowers, ginseng and so on. Each shop does its own manufacturing, having a circulating system in which consumers are directly linked with producers. From midnight to 4 a.m, the Market is crowded with niddle wholesalers from all over the country, making an unique view. It is also a famous shopping center in the world, which the foriegn visitors to Korea don't miss.

Tongdaemun Market

Tongdaemun Market is located from Chongno5-ga to Tongdaemun subway station and deals with a wide variety of goods including clothes, sporting goods, household wares and bedclothes. In addition, as wholesale markets of books, stationery and stainless vesels are existing inside it, Tongdaemun Market is a typical Koean maket with Namdaemun Market.
These days the Market has been modernized with high-rise stores of average 10 stories such as Uno Core, Designer Club, Raepe, Kopyong Preya and Samwoo TexPlaza, making it the first center of fashion.

Young-San Electronics Mart

Located in Han-gangro 2-ga with an area of 129,000 square meters, the Yongsan Electronics Market is a large specialty market of up-to-date electronic and electric goods.
The Yongsan Electronics Market is composed of 21 buildings with more than 5,900 shops, making it the largest market in Korea. There are Electronics Land, Wonhyo Matket and Najin Market inside it. To get the Yongsan Electronics Market, Take Subway Line 4 to Shinyongsan Station and Line 1 to Yongsan Station.


As one of the favorite tour courses for the foreign visitors, Insa-dong is a street where we can have a view of the cultural goods of Korea within the shortest time. The antique shops street of Insa-dong was made as the Japanese's antique shops began to be open one by one 80 years ago.

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