World Skills London

When: 5–8 October, Where: ExCeL London


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When are results available?

The results of WorldSkills London 2011 will be available after the end of the Closing Ceremony on Sunday 9 October at around 21.30 GMT.

The medallists in each Skill Area as well as detailed scoring can be found on the WorldSkills International website.

When is WorldSkills London 2011?

WorldSkills London 2011 took place between Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October 2011. There are four days of competition and there will be an Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 4th October and a Closing Ceremony on Sunday 9th October.

Where is WorldSkills London 2011 being held?

ExCeL London, the international exhibition and conference centre, is the host venue for WorldSkills London 2011. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held at the O2 Arena.

What happened at WorldSkills London 2011?

There were 46 official skill competition zones at WorldSkills London 2011, covering everything from bricklaying to hairdressing. There were also many Have a Go areas where visitors could try their hand at different skills, find out more about career options and meet the experts.

Who is WorldSkills London 2011 for?

The short answer is everyone! However, some groups may be particularly interested, like young people interested in finding out more about careers in skills, teachers, parents, schools, employers, businesses, sponsors, partners and stakeholders.

How many visitors came?

More than 200,000 visitors came through the doors of ExCeL London during the four days of Competition.

Is there a charge to attend WorldSkills London 2011?

Tickets for WorldSkills London 2011 are complimentary for almost everyone.

The only exception is those attending from a commercial organisation either as an individual or in a group for which there is a charge of £10 per visitor - payable regardless of whether a registration is made in advance or simply turning up at the event.

However for all visitors not from a commercial organisation, to obtain your complimentary tickets, you'll need to register in advance. You can do this quickly and simply via the links on this page.

Registration closes at 09:00 one day prior to the day on which you wish to visit (so for example, those visitors wishing to attend on Saturday 8th October will need to register for complimentary tickets no later than 09:00 on Friday 7th October).

Anyone attending the event without first having registered in advance will be charged £10 (with the exception of those holding Golden Tickets, entry codes and WorldSkills Members).

Why is it important? What benefits will it bring to the UK?

Skills shape our world. Every community and business in the UK thrives on skills, enterprise and inspiration: WorldSkills London 2011 will be the catalyst that sparks the ambitions of people across the country. 

WorldSkills London 2011 will amaze people by showing them the endless possibilities their futures could hold and inspire them to gain expertise at the highest level which the country needs. 

WorldSkills London 2011 aims to help create a lasting legacy in the UK, where the awareness and perception of vocational education and skills will undergo a positive step change.

Involvement with the competition provides huge benefits for everyone, whether you are a participant, visitor, employer or sponsor.

Visit London estimated that hosting WorldSkills London 2011 will bring £28million direct economic benefit to the city.

How are you going to work with schools?

We are developing an education engagement programme that will be integrated into the national curriculum. We aim to encourage students to think seriously about a vocational skill as a worthwhile and valued career choice. The programme will reach a significant number of school students throughout the United Kingdom and will incorporate elements which culminate at the actual event at ExCeL London in October 2011. See our schools section for more details.

How do I become a Competitor?

Preparations for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 are under way, to find out more about the UK competitions, visit, choose a skill of interest and follow on-screen instructions. For help at any stage, please get in touch with the WorldSkills UK contact centre at

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