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World Skills - WorldSkills General Assembly, Jeju, Korea 13-20 May, 2012

Welcome Message

  It was a great pleasure and privilege for me and my delegation to attend the WorldSkills London 2011 and to share the great moments with you.

  My memories of being with you throughout the courses of the WorldSkills Competition at the ExCeL London in England still stand out, nevertheless, since my first-time mission as Delegate representing my country was undertaken at the venue where the parliamentary system and the industrial revolution originated for the first time in history. I would hereby like to convey my sincere appreciation to you for your dedication as well as for the devoted service rendered by WorldSkills International and WorldSkills London in making this festive event a huge success.

  The WorldSkills Competition becomes more exciting and successful each year. To that extent, more people realize its significance, the fact of which is also evidenced by the number of countries participating in the Competition. This time the number was expanded into 58 countries. Republic of Korea as a member country will make efforts toward further progress of the WorldSkills Competition by actively participating in every field of the competition.

  At the moment, my country is in the midst of preparing for the WorldSkills General Assembly 2012 to be held in Jeju.

  General Assembly 2012 Jeju will be the venue where all the participants from abroad will exchange views and share expertises with medallists and great craftsmen from my country. Furthermore, useful ways for you to share Korea’s know-how and experiences in the field of human resource development will be provided.

  Jeju was selected as Venue since the island is a location where many summits have taken place and which is the most beautiful part of the Korean peninsula. I firmly believe it is the best place for us to expand our friendship and collaboration.

  Jeju Island is being listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO, and selected one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in the world very recently too. We welcome you and your family to Jeju Island in May and hope you enjoy our culture and atmosphere.

Thank you.

song young jung

Young-jung Song

Official Delegate/WorldSkills Korea




Date History
Jan. 1966 Established Korea Committee of WorldSkills Competition
Sept. 1966 Conducted the 1st Local Skills competition (3 provinces)
Oct. 1966 Joined the Organisational International of WorldSkills Competition
Nov. 1966 Conducted the 1st National Skills competitions
Jul. 1967 Participated for the first time in the 16th WorldSkills Competition(Host : Spain)
Aug. 1978 Hosted the 24th WorldSkills Competition(Host : Busan)
Sept. 2001 Hosted the 36th WorldSkills Competition(Host : Seoul)
Apr. 2009 Local Skills competitions (16 cities and Provinces)
Sept. 2009 44th National Skills Competitions (Host : Gwangju)
Apr. 2010 Local Skills competitions (16 cities and Provinces)
Sept. 2010 45th National Skills Competitions (Host : Incheon)
Apr. 2011 Local Skills competitions (16 cities and Provinces)
Aug. 2011 46th National Skills Competitions (Host : Chungbuk)



Skills Competition

Introduction of Skills Competition

The purposes of the Skills Competition project are to enhance and promote the level of skills, increase craftsman morale and build an atmosphere of respect for skills through skills competitions. It also serves to increase international exchange of skills, and improve the understanding of participating countries through participation in the WorldSkills Competition.



  Local Skills Competition National Skills Competition
Host 16 Cities/Provinces Cities/provinces in rotation
Participants Over 9,000 participants Over 2,000 participants
When Every year in April Every year in September
Organiser 16 Cities and provinces Ministry of Employment and Labor

16 Local Skills Competition Committees

  • Cities: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan
  • Provinces: Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungbuk, Chungnam, Jeonbuk, Jeonnam, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam, Jeju



Skills Categories

Skills Categories Total Skills
Total 48  
& Engineering
9 Polymechanics/Automation, CNC/Turning, CNC/Milling, Mechanical Engineering Design/CAD,
Press Tool Making, Automobile Technology,Agricultural Machinery Technology,
Mechatronics, Refrigeration
Metal Technology 7 Auto Body Repair, Welding, Pattern Making, Casting, Sheet Metal Work, Plumbing, Car Painting
& Communication
10 Industrial Electronics, Electrical Control, Industrial Control, Control of Electric Machine,
IT Software Solutions For Business, Web Design, IT Network Systems Administration,
Mobile Robotics, Information Network Cabing, Game Development
& Building Technology
7 Bricklaying, Plastering, Wall & Floor Tiling, Cabinetmaking, Joinery, Carpentry,
Computer Aided Architectural Design and Drafting
Arts 8 Stonemasonry, Jewelry, Gem Lapidary, Wood Craft, Ceramic Craft, Graphic Design,
Animation, Product Design
& Social Service
7 Fashion design, Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) Making, Floristry,
Ladies' /Men's Hairdressing, Cooking, Confectioner/Pastry Cook- Bakery, Beauty Therapy