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Youth Forum - WorldSkills General Assembly, Jeju, Korea 13-20 May, 2012

Forum Info

The WorldSkills Youth Forum (WSYF) objectives are to actively encourage and support the growth of past Competitor alumni networks and associated youth activities within WorldSkills International and its Member organisations and to widen and deepen the effectiveness of WorldSkills International in line with its vision and mission.

Why hold a Youth Forum?
The WorldSkills strategic review conducted by Official Delegates in Helsinki in May 2005 identified a number of key priority areas including further improving the Competition, developing our organisation, and increasing the effectiveness of our marketing, particularly through the website. The review identified that WorldSkills Competitors are key stakeholders in our organisation, and it was important that we not only improve the experience of the Competition for them, but involve them more in our organisational mission as well. While a percentage of past WorldSkills Competitors (Champions) participate as skills coaches and experts at local skills competitions in their home countries/regions, and a select few re-emerge on the international level as Team Leaders, Experts, and Delegates, and others participate in skills exchange activities, most past Champions have little or no further association with WorldSkills after their “once only” Competition experience. The WorldSkills Youth Forum allows Champions to come back and discuss the future of the Competition and other WorldSkills related initiatives in an open and creative environment. Professionals are brought in to give valuable input from the skill industries and function as mentors for the working groups. The Youth Forum concludes in a presentation to the WorldSkills General Assembly where the delegates share the outcome of their work. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed and will, as much as possible, be considered for implementation in the WorldSkills International work plan.

For more information, please visit www.worldskillsyouthforum.com