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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Questions from Auriane

I hope every things are ok for you ,Iam sure that every body is very exciting to go in your fantastic country.
This sunday I'm going to prepare my suitcase (I am so busy ,I don't have a lot of free time,every week I go to Paris or Marseille or Nevers ,I travel a lot for my job,you know I really love it but I am very tired ,that 's why in the plane to Australy I'm going to sleep like a log!!!!!!!!)
never mind ;the question is: what is the weather in start of may in Melbourne????temperatures?????
Could you answer me until sunday!!!because I don't know if I bring scarf ! or bathing-drawers!!!!

thank you


Blogger Bec said...

Hi Auriane,

Your job sounds really exciting, travelling all the time! What do you do?

It's really hard to say what you should pack, being an Aussie and used to 40 degree celsius temperatures, i can safely say that I'll be cold in Melbourne!!! I guess it depends on the sort of temperatures you are used to. You could have a look at a website like to get an idea of what the weather is like in Melbourne.

Hope this helps
Bec :-)

5:50 PM  
Blogger auriane said...

thank you Bec ,it's agood idea the website
Iam a busy hairdresser!!!!
Nice to see you in two weeks

5:21 AM  

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