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Viridis Liew, 2005 Albert Vidal Award Winner

Viridis Liew from Singapore won the Albert Vidal Award in Helsinki, 2005. Since the Competition she has completed her training and returned to Nanyang Polytechnic to teach and be a coach for future WorldSkills Competitors.

How has pursuing a career in skills changed your vision for the future?

2 Comments to “Viridis Liew, 2005 Albert Vidal Award Winner”

Laurent Thibault 27 July 2010 at 6:59 pm #

What a delightful interview with Viridis. I still remember how excited she was at winning the Albert Vidal Award in Helsinki. Her success in finding her most satisfying path in life through her WorldSkills experience provides terrific inspiration for young competitors from around the globe.
We saw again in the panel discussion of the WorldSkills Leaders’ Forum in Calgary the high quality of young skills champions that the WorldSkills network nurtures.
For the thousands of passionate ‘WorldSkillers’ around the world who donate so much effort, this is what makes it all worth while.

Matthew Stinson 29 July 2010 at 8:03 am #

It is my opinion that becoming involved in the organizing of skills programs or events does justice to our talented youth. As a workshop assistant in Calgary my eyes were opened to completely new and rejuvenated skill sets at many personal levels. Just being there to be inspired by the competitors was the highlight of my career in teaching. I noticed before and since the Calgary Worldskills that the worldskills events need to be advertised on a more regular basis. People immediately involved are informed but we all need to inform at least 3 people in the trades and skills that worldskills is an ongoing event and is not an isolated occurrence. I have personally spoken to at least 12 professionals in Canada since Calgary who knew nothing about Skills Alberta, Skills Canada or World Skills. More information will encourage more hidden talents to come forward.

Yours in Skills, Matthew.