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Youth Monozukuri Skills Competition – Japan

The 5th Youth Monozukuri Skills Competition (YMSC) was held on 4th – 6th Aug 2010 in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. More than 200 young competitors were taking part in and competing in 14 skill categories.

This event was promoted by Japan Vocational Ability Development Association (JAVADA), the organization that is Japanese representative for WorldSkills International.

Some of the winners of the specific categories of YMSC can grasp opportunity for registering as a contestant at the National Skills Competition (NSC) in Japan taken place every year, which is the preliminary contest of WorldSkills Competition to be held every two years.

The main purpose of YMSC is to lift learning interest of young people in vocational skills related to crafting and manufacturing by supporting their skills to be enhanced.

All of the nominees of competition should be under 20 years old who are basically learning vocational skills at technical high school and vocational school, not a worker.

This event helps a lot Japanese youth people have more interest in manufacturing

The chief technology officer of YMSC, Yuji Furukawa, a headmaster of Polytechnic University, said to the young competitors

We should develop new type of products and services which must be harmonized with the natural environment by using the advanced technology. It is important for you to think always about the meaning and role of what you will create in the whole industrial cycle from manufacture to consume.

Recently in Japan, the number of young people who want to be a worker of the manufacturer tends to decrease, one of the main reasons is the bad image of employees laid off and unstabilized wages during economic turmoil. The number of entry of the National Skills Competition has not increased for these years too.

Educational organization and businesses hope that YMSC will help Japanese youth have more interest in joining the National Skills Competition in early stages of their life.

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