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About ASC

ASEAN SKILL COMPETITION (ASC) was initiated in 1993 at the ILO/APSDEP meeting in Japan. Where it was agreed that there be a biennial skill competition among ASEAN member countries. Suck competition is to promote and upgrade skill standards in the region and consequently to the international level, which is organized on a cost-sharing basis. To date there are 10 participating countries and 21 skill area.

The objective of the ASEAN Skill competition are

  1. To promote the development of quality vocational and technical and work values among the youth and skill workers
  2. To foster technical cooperation in vocational/technical education and training between member countries
  3. To encourage close cooperation among government, industries, employers, and workers organization and vocational training institute
  4. ASC will pave the way for work excellence and development of high skilled workers

ASC is an activity where ASEAN member countries can cooperation and work together at regional level in term of skill development, in order at achieve international standard. The members countries have initially specified and the rules of the competition as follows :

  1. The competition will be held every two years and the members countries will take turns to host by voting resolutions
  2. ASEAN members countries have agreed to use the latest Test Projects of the latest WorldSkills Competition ( a Biennial skill competition with about 50 members countries) for the ASC Test Project. WorldSkill test project was drafted by experts in skills areas who are leaders from different industrial sector. Test Project element reflect the latest technology and skill needed and are amended before every competition. Thus, using World Skill test project as a basic for developing ASC test project will enable youth of ASEAN members countries to stay up to date with the world
  3. Competitor must no be over 22 years old. Each country can send 2 competitors for each skill area for 3 days of the competition ( in the span of 15-18 hours )

There has been 8 ASEAN Skills Competition:
1st ASC hosted by Malaysia from 12-23 August 1995-6 skills areas
2nd ASC hosted by Philippines from 10-17 December 1996-10 skills areas
3rd ASC hosted by Thailand from 16-18 March 2001-12 skills areas
4th ASC hosted by Indonesia form 1-10 October 2002-12 skills areas
5th ASC hosted by Vietnam from 21-30 September 2004-14 skills areas
6th ASC hosted by Brunei Darussalam from 3-12 September 2006-12 skills areas
7th ASC hasted by Malaysia from 10 -19 November 2008 -19 skills areas
8th ASC Hosted by Thailand form 14-24 November 2010 - 21 skills areas

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