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Organize Commitee Meeting

Each ASEAN member country shall nominate a member or Official Delegate, who shall be an officer from related industrial organization or government institution to represent the country in the Organizing Committee. The chairperson of the Organizing Committee shall be elected by the members. The duties of the Organizing Committee are as follows:

  1. overall planning, programming and implementation of the competition
  2. establishment of policies, rules , procedures, and strategies
  3. supervision of the management and implementation of the competition and
  4. evaluation of proposals for future direction as recommended by the Technical Committee.
  5. invite technical observers to provide technical assistance and advice.


For 9th ASEAN Skill Competition the OCM have been held on December 1st until December 3rd 2011 and have made some agreement (the result can be seen in the official document area). Some decision including:

  • Host for ASC 10th and 11th
  • Rules and Procedure for 9th ASC
  • Agreed Skills to be competed
  • Jury Chairperson, Chief Expert and Deputy Chief Expert for each skill
  • The tentative date for TCM and the competition


Rundown Schedule
1 December 2011 OCM Opening in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
2 December 2011 Closing in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

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