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Technical Commitee Meeting

Each ASEAN member country shall nominate a member, or Technical Delegate, who shall be an officer from the related industrial organization or government institution to represent the country in the Technical Committee. The chairperson of the Technical Committee shall be elected by the members. The Chair of the Technical Committee is responsible for all technical and organizational matters relating to the competition. He may appoint a substitute Technical Delegate to undertake his role as Technical Delegate. Ideally this person would have competition experience and be able to communicate in the official language. The Technical Committee is responsible for technical matters related to the ASEAN Skills Competition. The duties of the Committee are as follows:

  1. provision of Technical Description and number of skill areas to be competed
  2. establishment of a Jury Panel for each and every skill that has been approved for the ASEAN Skills Competition
  3. appointment of chairperson for each Jury Panel
  4. approval of Test Projects and marking schemes for the ASEAN Skills Competition
  5. approval of Competitor’s list
  6. supervision of the conduct of the competition and the marking of Test Projects during the ASEAN Skills Competition
  7. approval of the competition result and
  8. review of the competition and submission of the report to the Organizing Committee.
  9. make decision on the date by which to confirm the number of skill areas and Competitors in which each member country will participate.


1st Technical Committee Meeting is plan to be held on April 10th – 14th
One of the most agenda in the 1st TCM is the experts meeting. Each country will nominate one experts for each skill that they will participate and together will discuss several important thing about the competition such as:

  • Adoption of test project
  • Competition Agenda
  • Marking system and assesment
  • Infrastructure list to be provided by host country
  • Competition layout plan


Rundown Schedule
7 April 2012 TCM Opening in The Sultan Hotel Jakarta
11 April 2012 Farewell Dinner
12 April 2012 Closing in The Sultan Hotel Jakarta

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