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Welcoming Notes : Huraay, ASC Website is Alive

As was agreed in the meeting among ASC member countries, the official website of ASC especially to handle the 9th ASEAN Skill Competition is Alive to welcome year 2012. This version as the first alive content and we are growing our facilities and content approaching the event along this year. The 9th ASC will be held in Jakarta in this year and this website will be a formal way to publish and inform to all member and also to public everything concerning the information, preparation, activities and result of the event.

Indonesia as one of the founding father of ASEAN and also ASC always take an active part in all skills and event in ASC. This website is planned as a communication tools to enhance the preparation, communication and cooperation among the member countries to develop a good, comprehensive, fair and success competition and also strengthen the spirit of ASEAN Family.

All member countries is requested to have an official admin and contact our administrator to have your countries password to manage the connection with each member. As was this is ASC official website, all member countries is also welcome to support us with your article, news or updated event in your country like national skill competition, event preparation for your competitor and etc.

To the public is also welcome to follow us in the website, as we will always fulfill you with the latest update and all information concerning ASC and the development of young generation for skills in the ASEAN member countries. All member and public is welcome to provide us with critics, input or request for certain feature to make sure you are comfortable and love to revisit our website.

If you are interested as one of the sponsor for the event, feel free to have a look at sponsor area and support the ASEAN countries to develop young generation with appropriate event and skills.

Still in the season of greeting, have a nice Christmas and a happy new year to all readers. Hope everyone will help us to success the 9th ASEAN Skill Competition in Jakarta 2012.

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