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[NEW] Fixed Schedule of 9th Asean Skill Competition

Officially the final schedule of the 9th ASEAN Skills Competition have been published. The schedule could be seen in the Events menu, or follow this link:


Along with the schedule, also updated some of these important information :

  • List of Hotels :

To be use by all countries delegates to book for the delegation. Or could be used as a reference for ASEAN or International guests that wish to attend the 9th ASEAN Skills Competition. The link to see the hotel list could be seen in the menu: About ASEAN Skills -> Official Document (ASEAN Skills Competition Preparation) Or follow this link:

  •  List of Freight Forwarder Companies :

To be used by countries delegates to send tools or equipment for the competitors for competitions. This information can be seen only by member (not public). Please log in first to see this information. You could find the information in menu: Members -> Document (ASEAN Skills Competition Preparation)

  • ASEAN Skills Competition Announcement (Official information from the ASEAN Skills Competition Secretariat)
  • Also attach in the official document menu, the final number of competitors for the 9th ASEAN Skills competition. This information is an updated version from the result of the last Technical Committee Meeting for some additional competitors from several members. 

All country admin could start to register the formal name of the delegates especially the competitor and experts for the skill according to participation list. The registration can only be done by the country admin. Please make sure that every country have registered the country admin. You could contact the web admin or contact the Indonesian Secretariat to do this.

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