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WorldSkills Calgary on Second Life

Virtual WorldSkills Calgary 2009 in Second Life

The incorporation of the Second Life virtual world is a new educational initiative for WorldSkills Calgary 2009.  The Second Life program portrays a virtual Calgary Stampede grounds during Worldskills Calgary 2009 complete with buildings, tents and landmarks.  This virtual environment allows the user to become familiar with the site as a simulation-oriented map.  Features include text, pictures and video explaining the different skills inside the venues in addition to a tools scavenger hunt.  These features along with much more will be incorporated.  You may install the program from home and explore the virtual Stampede grounds and follow the developments throughout the summer.   Below is a link to install the program and to teleport you into the virtual environment along with setup instructions to help you along the way. Enjoy!

Click here to access WorldSkills Calgary on Second Life

Detailed Setup Instructions:

  • Click on Second Life link above.
  • A new window or tab will open to the Second Life SLurl page showcasing the link to the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 venue simulation at the centre of the page.  Do not click on this link just yet as you will need to install the Second Life program.
  • To install the program, click on the orange button at the top right of the screen that says "Don't have membership - membership is free - sign up".
  • Follow the instructions to create an account and download the program.
  • Return to the "Welcome to Second Life" page and click on "Teleport Now".
  • You will now be an avatar standing on the Victoria Park C-Train Station Platform.

Additional Notes:

Move avatar: arrow keys
Fly: Page Up - Page Down

You do not need to save as the program will return your avatar to the WorldSkills2009 venue simulation every subsequent time after you login.

If you choose to explore other areas in Second Life and would like to return to the WorldSkills2009 venue simulation, you can find the location again by using the map tap at the bottom of the program and searching for "skills island".

Keep coming back to check out the new construction!

WorldSkills 2009 - September 1-7 2009, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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