Q. I would like to speak to someone at WorldSkills Calgary 2009 about volunteering. Who do I call?
A. You can call Maureen O'Hara-Leman, Volunteer Manager at (403) 210 5963 or Laura Lee Crook, Volunteer Coordinator at (403) 774-5122 or Geoff Schoenberg, Volunteers Coordinator at (403) 210-5872.

Q. What groups are you targeting for recruitment?
A. All volunteers are welcome and very much appreciated. We need people with all kinds of skill sets.

Q. Is there a deadline for applying?
A. Aside from some of the highly specialized technical roles, there are no immediate deadlines for applying for volunteer positions.

Q. Will my personal information be stored securely?
A. WorldSkills Calgary 2009 will keep all personal information confidential and secure. We will only use the information to assign you as a volunteer; to accredit you as a volunteer; and to generally communicate with you about WorldSkills Calgary 2009 and related activities.

Q. Am I guaranteed a volunteer position?
A. Every effort will be made to ensure all volunteers have an opportunity to participate at WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

Q. When will I be assigned to a volunteer position?
A. Volunteer availability will be confirmed with individuals who have registered on the website starting the spring of 2009. There will be information sessions hosted around the City for volunteers to attend and positions will be outlined at these sessions.

Q. What is accreditation?
A. Accreditation divides competition personnel into groups, identifying individuals with picture ID, complete with name, group, and other icons, defining privileges and restrictions for the group. Volunteers will be accredited to ensure they have access to the locations required to get their job done.

Q. When will I get accredited?
A. Accreditation will take place closer to the actual competition in September 2009. Volunteers will be notified when their accreditation is to take place.

Q. When does Volunteer training start?
A. Training sessions for volunteers will begin in July.

Q. What is the minimum time commitment required?
A. A minimum commitment of 16 hours (approximately 2 shifts) is required.

Q. What is the minimum age for volunteers?
A. 14 if you are volunteering with an adult or group (i.e. scouts). 16 if volunteering on your own.

Q. Are Police checks required?
A. Yes, Police checks are required for some positions. WorldSkills Calgary will coordinate these with the City of Calgary Police Service.

Q. When will volunteer jobs begin?
A. The majority of volunteer positions begin August 15 and will continue through to September 11.

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WorldSkills 2009 - September 1-7 2009, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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