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When: 5–8 October, Where: ExCeL London


Electronics technicians manufacture and test electronic systems and equipment. They are also skilled at problem solving for electronic applications.

Professionals in electronics can build and repair equipment and systems using computers, hand tools and solders. Computers are playing a larger and larger role in this sector, as many devices are built with programmed systems. Technicians also often need to build prototypes before production because manufacturing processes are highly automated.

Many organisations depend on electronic systems and the electronic technicians to manage, monitor and install them. Increasingly, electronics specialists are also needed to replace outdated equipment in organisations like factories and power companies.

Fast Facts

Judging by turnover and number of design houses, over 40 per cent of Europe's independent electronic design community works in the UK.
Source: Future Horizons and EIGT

There are around 11,000 electronics enterprises in the UK, employing over 240,000 people.

The electronics and IT services sectors together account for approximately 4 per cent of the UK's gross domestic product.

The global electronics market has been estimated at $2 trillion each year.
Source: BIS, 2008

Featured Competitor

Jun Yi Ho

Nation: Singapore
Competition: 2009
Skill: Electronics

What have you enjoyed about being involved in WorldSkills?

It was fun as I got to know the competitors from other trades, especially during a Peak Performance training camp that was organised for us.


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Gabreil De Spindula


Basil Brunner



Chinese Taipei

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