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Mechatronics technicians are skilled at designing, building, repairing and adjusting components and systems in automated products such as packing lines and labelling machines.

Mechatronics is a mixed discipline (it is also known as Mechanical and Electronics Engineering) which overlaps with mechanics, robotics, pneumatics, electronics and computer technology. It focuses on the automation industry and technicians build and repair systems like shop till belts and cash registers, lifting and transporting machinery change machines and measuring equipment.

Mechatronics technicians need to undertake mechanical maintenance, equipment building and component machining, as well as being able to adjust and control automated systems.

Fast Facts

Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programmes.
Source: Festo

The Mechatronics competition reflects reality on the shop-floor: people working under pressure to design and implement solutions and to maintain and constantly improve production.
Source: Festo

Featured Competitor

Jamie Feenstra

Nation: Canada
Competition: 2009
Skill: Mechatronics

Why Mechatronics?

I enjoy Mechatronics because I like using my hands to solve computer and electronics related problems. It is just a natural fit for me.


Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal

Hidenori Mishina


Yuya Kawabe


Christian Alessi


Maicon Pasin


Geun Yong No


Jung Mo Yang


Viktor Öhlén


Anders Wadman


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