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When: 5–8 October, Where: ExCeL London

CNC Milling

Operators use a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine to cut and shape metal into components used in manufacturing.

A CNC milling machine operator controls the automated tool digitally with numerical codes or instructions called G-Code.

These instructions drive the tool, rather than physical levers and wheels. The tool selectively removes material, usually metal from the raw material, to shape it into the required component, such as engine parts.

CNC milling has improved flexibility in manufacturing processes as it is quicker and more adaptable than traditional techniques. Operators of CNC milling machines need to understand the manufacturing process and be able to program the CNC milling machine accurately.

Fast Facts

Mitutoyo has grown to become one of the oldest manufacturers of precision measuring tools and machines in the world with operations in more than 100 countries.
Source: Mitutoyo

Featured Competitor

Claudio Nigg

Nation: Liechtenstein
Competition: 2009
Skill: CNC Milling

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