Dear Delegates,
Partners and Guests,

We are thrilled to be guests
of SwissSkills and their
stakeholders in the beautiful
Canton of Lucerne for the
WorldSkills General Assembly
2014. On behalf of all WorldSkills
Members, we would like to take
this opportunity to extend our thanks to our generous hosts.

Switzerland has been a Member since 1954 and has a highly respected record for excellence in everything they do, and their meticulous planning and preparation for this General Assembly has been outstanding. SwissSkills are great contributors to the WorldSkills organization and their vocational education and training system and performance is globally recognized as one of the best. They have a strong skill-respect culture yet are always looking to learn and improve.

Lucerne is a centre of Swiss history and legend and an iconic city of Switzer-
land – the city, the lake and the mountains! At the same time it is vibrant economic region with thousands of Swiss youth engaged in apprenticeships with the thousands of companies in the Canton of Lucerne.

It is therefore a perfect location for our 2014 General Assembly. The programme integrates the important and necessary strategic and organizational development for WorldSkills along with showcasing Swiss excellence in VET. The WorldSkills Leaders Forum/International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training is a very special event and a must-attend for WorldSkills Members. This is an excellent example of the partnership and value of Switzerland and WorldSkills. There is a balance between structured plenary meetings, working groups and important networking opportunities as we will have delegates from all over the globe attending.

We welcome our Global Industry Partners and are delighted at their on-going support as key stakeholders in our organization. We welcome the SwissSkills partners, stakeholders and sponsors and thank them for their tremendous support in realizing this event.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to a successful, productive and engaging General Assembly 2014. 


Simon Bartley
WorldSkills International Board
   David Hoey
   Chief Executive Officer
   WorldSkills International 


Warm welcome from
the City and Canton of Lucerne

Dear Members of WorldSkills International

In the name of the governing council, I warmly invite you to hold your General Assembly 2014 in the heart of Switzerland, Canton of Lucerne.

Vocational education and training provides two-thirds of young people with a solid basis for lifelong learning. It also opens up a wealth of job prospects.

In our Canton, 12'000 young people do an apprenticeship in their chosen occupation. The apprenticeships are provided by around 4'900 companies, which thereby are paving the way for the next generation of qualified workers.

I am proud that Switzerland is a world champion when it comes to skilled workers. Worldwide demand for Swiss professionals is high.

It is a pleasure for me to represent our Canton and I am looking forward to seeing you in Lucerne.

Sincerely yours,


Reto Wyss
Member of the governing council
Principal of the Department of Education and Culture, Canton of Lucerne