WorldSkills Youth Forum

The WorldSkills Youth Forum will be conducted in conjunction with the General Assembly and Leaders Forum in Melbourne, Australia from May 6-11, 2006.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WELCOME - from Viridis Liew - Singapore

Hello fellow Youth Forum participants.

My name is Viridis Liew and I am the Singaporean delegate for the 2006 WorldSkills Youth Forum in Melbourne.

Biennually, Youths from all over the world participate in this twice a year competition aiming to gain international recognition and to promote their skill areas so as to showcase their technical competency to the entire world.

Being one of the blessed few past competitors of WorldSkills, I believe that WorldSkills lives on the energy, enthusiasm, and vitality of youths all over the world to not only participate in this exchange of skill competency but also to find new ways of showcasing and promoting skills in a global environment.

This Youth Forum provides an excellent platform for a discussion on different ideas and recommendations to improve WorldSkills as a whole for its participants past, present and future. A place where youths from all over the world can connect, put their minds together to find new ways of reaching out to future participants of the WorldSkills Competitions.

For every competitor, WorldSkills leaves behind an unforgettable experience of learning, friendship and most importantly a sense of belonging. A place where all competitors share not only common interest in skills but also a common goal; to show the World the importance of skills in the global economy.

Looking forward to the first Youth Forum in Melbourne, I am sure that it will be an exciting event where all past competitors come together once again, this time to share their views and ideas on how to build on and improve the whole WorldSkills experience for all competitors and participants to come.