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Skill Categories ( 01-11 ) Skill Categories ( 12-21 )
img_01. Polymechanics / Automation
01. Polymécanique/
img_12. Wall & Floor Tiling
12. Carrelage
img_02. Telecommunication Distribution Technology
02. Technologie de distribution des télécommunications
img_13. Autobody Repair
13. Tôlerie/
img_03. Manufacturing Team Challenge
03. MTC(Manufacturing Team Challenge)
img_14. Metal Roofing
14. Couverture métallique
img_04. Mechatronics
04. Mécatronique
img_15. Plumbing
15. Plomberie
img_05. Mech. Eng. CADD
05. Mécanique Industrielle CDAO
img_16. Industrial Electronics
16. Electronique industrielle
06. CNC Tournage
img_17. Web Design
17. Web Design
07. CNC Fraisage
img_18. Electrical Installations
18. Installation électrique
img_09. IT/Software Applications
09. Technologie d’information applications de logiciels
img_19. Industrial Control
19. Contrôle industriel
img_10. Welding
10. Soudage
img_20. Bricklaying
20. Maçonnerie
img_11. Printing
11. Imprimerie
img_21. Stonemasonry
21. Taille de pierre
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