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Fujio Mitarai, Président
Yoshinobu Ishikawa, Gouverneur de la Préfecture de Shizuoka

A short history of the WorldSkills Competition

1. An idea is born
In 1946 there was a great shortage of skilled workers in Spain. José Antonio Elola Olaso, Director-General of OJE (Spanish Youth Organization), saw that it was necessary to convince young people – as well as their parents, teachers and prospective employers – that their future depended on an effective vocational training system.
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The Venues of WorldSkills Competition

Pays hôte
Nombre de pays
Nombre de candidats
30th 1989 Birmingham, United Kingdom 21 382
31st 1991 Amsterdam, Netherlands 21 411
32nd 1993 Taipei, Republic of China 25 434
33rd 1995 Lyon, France 28 474
34th 1997 St. Gallen, Switzerland 30 549
35th 1999 Montreal, Canada 33 625
36th 2001 Seoul, Korea 35 616
37th 2003 St Gallen, Switzerland 37 585
38th 2005 Helsinki, Finland 37 660
39th 2007 Shizuoka, Japan

40ème concours : Calgary, Canada, 2009
Calgary accueillera le 40ème Concours de WorldSkills du 2 au 5 septembre 2009.
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41ème concours : Londres, Royaume-Uni, 2011
Le Royaume-Uni a été retenu pour accueillir le 41ème Concours de WorldSkills à Londres du 6 au 9 octobre 2011.
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