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Meeting The Need

WorldSkills Calgary 2009's aim is to raise the awareness of the importance of skills, trades and technologies in Canada and around the world.

This spectacular event is projected to pull in a total attendance of 150,000. The 40th WorldSkills Competition provides the ultimate demonstration of the skills, craftsmanship and ingenuity these individuals bring to the economy. It is the hope of all involved that this Competition will serve as an inspiration to youth – encouraging them to consider an exciting and rewarding career in the trades or technology.

As host of the 40th WorldSkills Competition, Canada will be showcasing the importance of skills development. By building on the recommendations of the Leaders' Forum in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Canada proposes to take specific steps towards positively influencing youth, teachers, business leaders, and parents alike.

In partnership with Skills/Compétences Canada, Skills Canada Alberta and WorldSkills International, along with several dedicated sponsors and partners, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 contributes to vital economic and social success by perpetrating a global movement that is committed to developing and promoting high performance standards among young professionals within the skills, trades and technology sectors.

Alberta: an epicentre of skills development

  • The Province of Alberta is the trades and skills capital of Canada Alberta trains 20 per cent of Canada's apprentices while having only 10 per cent of the nation's population. It is a partnership between employers, the provincial government, and Alberta's progressive post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Training programs in Alberta support over 50 designated trades and occupations.
  • Alberta's apprenticeship and industry training system is an industry-driven system that reflects the economic prosperity of the provincial economy.
  • There are currently 40,000 registered apprentices in Alberta.

The Pursuit of Change

Today, WorldSkills International is more important than ever, as the sector faces a number of critical challenges.

With an aging population and a wave of retirement approaching, Canada (like other Member countries/regions of WorldSkills International) is already experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Ensuring that Canada has skilled trades people is vital to future prosperity and is essential to Canada's ability to maintain a strong economy within a global market.

As the need for skilled professionals grows, Canada realizes the importance of promoting the positive aspects of a career in the skilled trades – and the need to overcome long-held stereotypes that a university education is the only route to financial, personal and social success.

WorldSkills Calgary 2009 presents a unique opportunity to address these economic and social challenges of the Human Capital Crisis. Bringing WorldSkills International to Calgary provides us with a unique opportunity to permanently change the attitudes of young Canadians and their key influencers (parents, teachers, career counselors etc.) towards vocational skills and to combat the skills shortages facing many industries.

The ultimate goal is to inspire young people to pursue a career in the trades and vocational areas – while shifting societal attitudes in the process.

We want to send a message to our youth: you are valued, you are needed and you can make a difference.

WorldSkills 2009 - September 1-7 2009, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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