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Landscape gardeners are competent with using different materials such as natural stone, concrete, wood, soil, turf, plants and artificial materials such as plastics and fibre matting. They also are familiar with building elements such as concrete slabs, natural stone, walls, steps, wooden structures, water structures and bedding.

They work mainly outdoors on a seasonal basis landscaping grounds around commercial, industrial, residential and other establishments. Landscape Gardeners perform a variety of tasks, which include:
  • designing and developing landscape plans to suit prospective sites and clients
  • surveying sites and altering them to correspond with landscape plans
  • hauling and spreading topsoil, analyzing soils and applying fertilizers and other soil enrichments
  • cultivating trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and other plants from seeds and/or bulbs
  • caring for plants and grounds by sod-laying, mowing, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and trimming as well as by applying herbicides and pesticides as required
  • maintaining stock and facilities in greenhouses and at garden retail centres
  • advising customers and clients on plant materials and landscaping products
  • constructing walkways, fences, decks and outbuildings
  • installing and maintaining irrigation systems
  • propagating plants by budding, grafting and other means

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