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Working in floristry means working with people. Florists sell plants and flowers, and create floral arrangements for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Using their knowledge of basic botany and horticulture, they prepare plants and flowers for the retail market by selecting, preparing and packaging them in a pleasing manner to attract customers. They not only fill customer orders, they also provide their customers with information on the care of the flowers and plants that they purchase.

Florists need to know about the design, technical and marketing components of the floriculture industry. They use tools such as wire cutters, knives and scissors to design and construct floral arrangements, and use their knowledge of the marketing principles related to floral products in order to sell these arrangements. Those who manage or own retail shops also need training in business and marketing practices, as they will be required to plan, implement, organize, direct and supervise the activities of other staff, and make decisions about the types and quantities of flowers needed to stock their shelves.


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