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A Printer is involved in setting up and operating letterpress, lithographic, flexographic and gravure printing presses.

Letterpress printing is the oldest form of printing. Ink is applied to a raised surface and transferred directly to paper through pressure.

Offset lithography is a process of printing from a plate having a flat surface (planographic).

Flexographic printing uses a raised surface on a flexible rubber or photopolymer plate.

As a Printing Machinist you must be able to:

  • prepare image materials such as relief, planographic (flat) and intaglio printing plates
  • fit printing plates or cylinders on presses, mix the inks that go on them and adjust the colour flow to the image
  • adjust the paper feeding devices that separate and feed sheets through the machine or the web (reel) of substrate
  • check that the substrate passes through the press correctly
  • carry out minor repairs and routine maintenance
  • set-up and operate 'in-line' finishing functions
  • work with single and multi-colour printing presses
  • perform all the above tasks in both small business and large manufacturing settings

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