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Web Design is a fairly new profession incorporating building and maintaining web pages. Web Designers use computer programmes to produce pages which include links to other pages, graphical elements, text and photographs. The layout of these elements can be presented as a script or drawings on paper. Computer software is used for technical implementation. In their work, designers and builders must pay attention to copyright laws and ethical questions.

These days anybody can try their hand at Web Design, putting more pressure on professional designers. In order to awaken interest and make visitors stay at a site designers must learn new techniques and use them to come up with original solutions. When professional rather than amateur sites pull in visitors, the Internet can become an important platform for corporate communications, marketing and trade.

A web page producer understands the technology and the related artistic values. On websites, technology is used to automate functions and to help content administrators in their work. Creative skills are needed when designing the colours, fonts and graphics and their layout on a site. User interface planning ensures good usability. A website producer must also understand the basics of project work, content production and site administration.

Compatibility of the end product with standard browsers and software/hardware combinations is important.

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