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Mechatronics technicians build engineering systems for the automation industry. Mechatronics is concerned with mechanics, electronics and computer technology. The computer technology element covers information technology applications, programmable machine control systems and technology which enables communication between machines, equipment and people.

This category combines skills in mechanics, pneumatics, electronically controlled systems, programming, robotics and system development. Mechatronics technicians design, build, maintain and repair automated equipment and programme equipment control systems.

Mechatronics technicians are able to meet a variety of needs within the industry. They carry out mechanical maintenance, equipment building and component machining. They also cover equipment information gathering, components (sensors) and regulating units. Mechatronics professionals install, set up, repair and adjust machine components and manage equipment control systems, including programming.

Everyday Mechatronics appliances include shop tills (belt + cash register assemblies), automated bottle recycling machines, note and coin change machines and lifts in residential buildings.

Industrial applications include industrial multi-product packing lines, labelling machines for tinned products, lifting and transport machinery (automatic trucks, cranes, loading machinery) and automatic assembly and measuring equipment in the electronics industry.

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