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Restaurant Service

Waiters are the vital link between the dining room and the kitchen and ensure the perfect culinary experience. Before greeting customers and presenting them with menus, waiters make sure tables are set up impeccably. They make culinary suggestions and take orders which they then communicate to the kitchen staff and bartenders.

Although they are not wine stewards, waiters are adept in recommending the perfect combination of food and wine - an expertise greatly appreciated by employers and customers alike. Throughout the course of the meal, waiters come and go discreetly, bringing dishes, filling bread baskets, stocking fridges and clearing tables.

Restaurant service requires excellent skills in areas such as:

  • Serving food and drinks
  • Mixing international drinks and working behind the bar
  • Preparing food in front of customers, e.g. carving or flambéing
  • Serving wine
  • Identifying alcoholic drinks
  • Folding napkins

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