European Skills Competition
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  • Experts Meeting in March, 26 and 27


The Technical Committee responsible for organising EuroSkills Lisbon 2010, the European Skills Promotion Organization Governing Board, the Technical Delegates and the Experts / Jury members appointed by the participating countries and the Workshop Supervisors, will meet in Lisbon, on the 26th and 27th of March. EuroSkills 2010 is close at hand. It will be yet another decisive step, towards a hard and complex way forward, but with the certainty of success and victory.


The goal is to discuss, to agree and to finalise all the technical issues related with the organisation of the competition. Specifically:

  • To give all participants full and detailed information regarding the venue where the competitions and the whole event will take place, in particular the technical conditions available, with a guided tour to FIL-Feira Internacional de Lisboa;
  • That all participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the new IT assessment platform (CIS) for the competition;
  • To finalise the technical descriptions of the 52 professions in the competition;
  • To prepare the competitions and the list of infrastructures, materials and tools needed, so that the organising entity (IEFP) shall provide the conditions internationally required;
  • To provide detailed information about all the issues related with logistics and the stay, namely accommodations and participation conditions.


The meeting of the ESPO Governing Board will be the peak of the 26-27 March Meeting.