European Skills Competition
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The EuroSkills 2010 is a live showcase of skills. Find what a skilled carpenter, a creative jeweller, a successful mechatronics expert and an inspired web-designer makes. Find why qualification is essential to build an exciting career!


Skills domains:




Floristry of flower arranging is the art of creating bouquets and arrangements from flowers, foliage, herbs, ornamental grasses and other botanical materials. A person who designs and creates flower arrangements is known as a florist. Florists usually work in flower shops. A good florist can fulfill even the most demanding of customers wishes and values customer satisfaction above all.


Window Display

The importance of Window Display is proportional to the importance of marketing in our society. It is a major part of the marketing mix and the expected result is the increase in product awareness and appeal. Visual merchandisers develop floor plans and three-dimensional presentations of goods and services in order to maximize sales. These include window areas, interior point-of-sale displays and special promotions. They can also promote services such as travel a shows.



Hairdressers provide hair care services to enhance the appearance of their clients. The total look concept includes “hair, face and clothing”. As personal appearance specialists, they may provide related services that help the customer look and feel their best.

They have an understanding of fashion and technical design.

Communication, image, and attitude play an important role in the career of hairdressers.


Shoe Maker

The trade shoe maker is carried out within the shoe repair businesses. Most of the businesses are fairly small and have just a few employees. Shoe makers carry out repair work and are also involved in the sale of articles. They five information and advice to customers about products and services and deal with complaints. Shoe markers plan and organize their work efficiently, as befits, their business. There is a direct relationship with various other trade groups in the footwear and shoe sector.



Fashion designers conceptualize and create new clothing and accessory designs. They analyze fashion trends; choose the colors and fabrics; work closely with production, marketing and sales departments to design; produce and promote ready-to-wear products to clients. Fashion designers working in small firms, usually perform most of the technical, patternmaking, and sewing tasks, in addition to designing clothing. They are technically skilled garment producers who are efficient, can handle different garments and are skilled in needlecraft.

Requirements are: knowledge of fashion, creativity and imagination, together with great technical skill, including commercial and artistic applications.



The carving of stone is an ancient art. The artisan must read the material, master the tools and have an eye for design. Today 's stone masons use a variety of power tools and hand tools to create objects that can stand the test of time.



The manufacture of decorative pieces in precious metal is contemporary with the earliest manifestations of cultural activity and jewellery believed to have been made almost eighty thousand years ago have been found by Archaeologists. Some of the earliest professional associations in recorded history were set up to standardise weight and content of jewellery and coin.

Currently, the goldsmith’s industry applies the latest technology to conception, manufacture and marketing of jewellery and yet in the modern goldsmith’s industry, space-age technology, co-exists with techniques, and even tools, that would have been current in workshops thousands of years ago.

Today goldsmiths worldwide, constitute the largest organised industry in the world to produce purely decorative artwork.



Office IT Team

ICT networks, equipment et software need specialist (Office IT teams) to design, develop, install, test, maintain, repair, optimize, upgrade and, sometimes, operate them. Office IT teams can be asked to perform in all types of working environment and all commercial and industrial sectors.


Cross Media Publishing

Cross media publishing is the publishing of a message or communication via multiple media outlets, such as printed materials, electronic media and / or the internet. Cross media publishing has become a staple of business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications. It is a new production / workflow environment for the combined processing of both printed and electronic media. It was developed rapidly in recent years, especially after the spectacular development of the technologies use for data and information processing and the new app of traditional working tools.



Manufacturing Technologies

A range of employees is required to operate and keep sophisticated industrial machinery running in an efficient and reliable way. This can range from highly skilled machinery mechanics to machinery maintenance workers who perform routine tasks.


Their work is vital to the success of industrial facilities. Computer control programmers and operators use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines to cut and shape precision products. In metal construction workshops, the less complex parts and the metal assemblies require the skills of welders to help cut, shape and bond materials and make products and components. Draftsmen prepare technical drawings and plans used by production and construction workers. Most draftsmen new use CADD systems to prepare drawings and may be referred to as CADD operators or designers. A supporting technology is called Mechatronics; it is the synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems in the design of products and manufacturing processes.


Electronics Workshop Team

Different service and maintenance roles are needed in today’s electronics industry. The electronic workshop team consists of production workers (electrical technicians) from different prototype workshops.


Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics Technicians assemble, set-up, manage and maintain mechanical systems within a mobile robot as well as install, operate and trouble shoot mobile robot control systems.

Mobile robots are also multi axis systems but the new challenge is to move in unknown areas. Thus the integration and use of sensors play a much more important role as in the case of standard industrial robots. A further big challenge is to create own decision processes in the system how to behave under certain environment conditions. This new requirement will be also reflected in this new competition. Teams have to prepare the robot to fulfil the tasks but during presentation the robot has to work autonomously. With other words: The team is the teacher or trainer of their mobile robot system.



Mechatronics technicians build engineering systems for the automation industry. Mechatronics is concerned with mechanics, electronics and computer technology. The computer technology element covers information technology applications, programmable machine control systems and technology which enables communication between machines, equipment and people. This category combines skills in mechanics, pneumatics, electronically controlled systems, programming, robotics and system development. Mechatronics technicians design, build, maintain and repair automated equipment and programme equipment control systems. Mechatronics top performers are able to meet a variety of needs within the industry. They carry out mechanical maintenance, equipment building and component machining. They also cover equipment information gathering, components (sensors) and regulating units. Mechatronics professionals install, set up, repair and adjust machine components and manage equipment control systems, including programming. Everyday Mechatronics appliances include shop tills (belt + cash register assemblies), automated bottle recycling machines, note and coin change machines and lifts in residential buildings.

Industrial applications include industrial multi-product packing lines, labelling machines for tinned products, lifting and transport machinery (automatic trucks, cranes, loading machinery) and automatic assembly and measuring equipment in the electronics industry.



Landscape Gardening & Design

Landscape designers and gardeners are close to nature and the natural environment. Landscape designers create the landscape; they plan, design and manage open spaces including both natural and constructed environments whilst ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable. Landscape gardeners are the site specialist carrying out the physical work, develop, execute, maintain and remodel gardens and landscapes.


Installation Technology

Installation Technology is present everywhere in every day life. Without it, life could be quite different. It covers the availability of hot and cold water, comfortable central heating, gas oven cooking, a waterlight and insulated roof and proper functioning of bathrooms and toilets. In addition to this, it also encompasses data networks, telephone, security systems and traffic lights and these are a few examples off electrical applications that are also omnipresent in our lives. Part of Installation Technology is also refrigeration and air conditioning technology, witch is widely used to preserve food and offer a pleasant and comfortable temperatures in homes, buildings and cars.


Building Construction

Building construction covers a variety of trades witch are strongly inter-related. These trades of carpenter, brick layer, join wall and floor tiler and metal roofer. The trade of supervisor is included under this heading. On a day to day basis, these craftsmen work together at construction sites.



Plastering is one of the oldest and most important crafts in the building trades worldwide.

Plasterers apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement or similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Plasterers apply plaster to interior walls and ceilings to form fire-resistant and relatively soundproof surfaces. They apply mouldered decoration with prefabricated elements containing, interior coatings stained or not. They also apply plaster veneer over drywall to create smooth or textured abrasion-resistant finishes.

In addition, plasterers install prefabricated exterior insulation systems over existing walls—for good insulation and interesting architectural effects—and cast ornamental designs in plaster. Plasterers can plaster either solid surfaces, such as concrete block, or supportive wire mesh called lath.



Paint and wall coverings make surfaces clean and attractive. In addition, paint and other sealers protect surfaces from wear, e.g. wear caused by exposure to the weather. Painters are also involved in covering walls (and ceilings) with decorative walls coverings made of paper, vinyl, or fabric. Many painters and decorators work for the painting and wall covering contractors and are engaged in new construction, repair, restoration, and remodelling work. In addition, organizations that own and manage building employ maintenance painters, as do some schools, hospitals, factories, and government agencies. Self-employed independent painting contractors account for about half of all painters and decorators.


Woodcraft Technology

Woodcraft technology combines the three must important trades in woodwork industry, Joinery, Cabinetmaker and Wood machining.

Joinery covers the manufacture and assembly of building elements in wood, wood products and auxiliary, as staircases, door and window frames and kitchen units.

Cabinetmaking covers mainly the manufacture, in small workshops, of furniture and built-in units in wood (either solid, veneered, plastic-coated or painted). The cabinetmaker may also work in larger industry as a specialist.

Wood machining in the industry, operate with different kind of machines, traditional and CNC, as for saw, plane, mould, sand, boring, tenoning and assembly by mechanical ways. In small industry the wood machinist, prepares the material for assembly by Joiners or Cabinetmakers.


Dry wall system

The development and the decoration of buildings by the processing of elements and materials essentially containing plaster. That includes in particular: the realization of works in plasterboard (gypsum plasterboard), that they use for install: dry walls, dry ceilings, dry floors, air ducts and vertical installations walling. Seeking in the technical documents the best adapted solutions to answer the requirements of the project in the field of the performances and the aesthetics



Transport Tecnolology & Logistics

Truck driving is vital in the organisation of society and the transport industry has a major influence on most trades. Truck drivers are constant presence on European highways and roads. Firms of all kinds rely on trucks to pick and deliver goods because no other form of transportation can deliver goods door-to-door. New technologies are changing the way truck drivers work, especially long distance truck drivers (satellites and global positioning system links, electronic delivery tracking systems)


Automotive Technology Light Vehicles

Car businesses consist of a reception, sales department, workshop and storeroom. Generally, there are several people working in the workshop. In small businesses there may sometimes be just three, whilst in large business you could have over 20 colleagues. These colleagues work at various levels. First car mechanics (or light vehicle technicians) are involved, at all levels, with maintenance and repair of cars. The higher the level, the more difficult the tasks. A first car mechanic may specialise in: airco systems, engine management or electronics.


Motorcycle Technology

Motorcycling is becoming increasingly popular. The motorbike good alternative to the car, particularly in congested roads. But motorcycling also gives a felling of freedom and is relaxing (or exciting) sport for many people. The maintenance and repair of motorcycles is the work of the (first) motorcycle mechanic.

The maintenance and repair of motorcycles is carried out in the workshop. As well as selling motorcycles, a motorcycle business usually sells motorcycle clothing and accessories. All motor business, including dealerships, sell second-hand motorcycles, they often hire motorcycles too. There will also be a storeroom for the spare parts that you need for the maintenance and repair work.




Caring covers a broad range of abilities, activities and roles dealing with social care, support of growth and development, caring and rehabilitation. The trade involved created added value for the drug and pharmaceutical industries, for welfare services, homecare, healthcare and manufacturers of devices for health care. Care providers, like nurses, provide medical care too and support the recovery of patients. They focus on the needs of the patient and also promote good health and well-being through education.



The farrier trims and shoes horses and ponies, which is very important for the health and well-being of the animal. The trade position in industrial processes is utilised within the worlds of horse keeping and equine sports. The farrier works at places where horses can be found, e.g. at riding schools, studs or at his own location where the horse-owner can bring the animal to the shod.


Cleaning Services

The role of the cleaner and cleaning in industrial processes and service industries is vast. Many services and processes are dependent on a clean environment or the cleaning function. Cleaning services covers the cleaning of offices, retail premises, hospital and health care locations and factories /industrial plants and processes.

It includes cleaning, food, educational and public premises, vehicle cleaning and detailing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and specialist cleaning (for example technical clean rooms).


Natural Energy Resource and Land Use Conflict

The World is consuming an ever-increasing amount of resources in its quest for energy production to support industry and the broader economy. However, much of this energy production relies on the use of hydrocarbon sources such as coal, oil and gas. The need to supply industry with energy, and meet international targets, will have to include low carbon and sustainable energy sources. This will inevitably bring conflict between resource developers, land use planners and a host of environmental issues.

The competition is intended to raise skills and awareness in the science and engineering disciplines required to solve complex socioeconomic issues such as climate change and the shortage of essential resources including water and energy. In addition a practical exercise will involve the construction of a simple system for small-scale energy production.


Cook and serve

A cook is trained to plan menus, prepare a variety of foods according to health and safety regulations and manage a commercial kitchen. The food service industry encompasses a wide and interesting range of job opportunities for cooks. While specific duties vary depending on the type of establishment, it is the cook 's responsibility to prepare meals that are both appealing and nutritious. They are also responsible for food costing and safety and sanitation.

Prepare, season and cook a variety of foods according to recipes, create and test new recipes, operate machinery associated with food preparation, carve meats, determine portion sizes, arrange foods and add sauces, gravies and garnish to servings, bake desserts and pastries, prepare buffets such as platters and showpieces, oversee menu planning, estimate food requirements and obtain the necessary food from storage or from suppliers to maintain an inventory of kitchen provisions, prepare and follow budgets, supervise kitchen staff

Servers, food and beverage serving and related workers are the front line of customer service in restaurants, coffee shops, and other food service establishments. These workers greet customers, escort them to seats and hand them menus, take food and drink orders, and serve food and beverages. They also answer questions, explain menu items and specials, and keep tables and dining areas clean and set for new diners. Most work as part of a team, helping co-workers to improve workflow and customer service.

Restaurant service requires excellent skills in areas such as:

Serving food and drinks, mixing international drinks and working behind the bar, preparing food in front of customers, e.g. carving or flambéing, serving wine, identifying alcoholic drinks, folding napkins


Hotel Reception

Hotel receptionist profession requires a constant use of several skills such as local and general touristic information, good verbal and written English, computer literacy, good manners and conduct, perfect grooming, excellent communication and social skills, problem solving, competences with figures and cash handling, hotel reception operations and reservation procedures.

Hotels are an essential part in this industry providing accommodation to guests coming from all over the world. At the hotel’s reception guest get the first impression of the unit. Is where the primary communication with the hotel staff is established. The quality, sympathy and promptness of the attendance can make the difference in the guest experience and satisfaction during his stay.


Health & Safety Management

The Health & Safety Manager is the professional, which, independently or within a team, plans, develops, coordinates and monitors the safety management system supporting the activities of workers protection against occupational risks, according to company policy, legislation and standards.