European Skills Competition
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Sunday, December 05th


Arrival and registration of Technical Delegates


Monday, December 06 th


Arrival and registration of Chief Experts and Deputy Chief Experts
Arrival and registration of ESPO Board Members
Arrival and registration of Competitors, Team Leaders and Experts


Tuesday, December 07 th


Arrival and registration of Competitors, Team Leaders, Experts and Official Delegates


Wednesday, December 08 th


Preparation Competitors at Competition Areas (9.00. – 16.00)
Opening Ceremony (18.00 – 20.00)
Welcome Dinner (20.00 – 22.00)


Thursday, December 09 th


Competition Day 1 (09.00 – 18.00) – Open to the Public


Friday, December 10th


Competition Day 2 (09.00 – 18.00) – Open to the Public


Saturday, December 11th


Competition Day 3 (09.00 – 18.00) – Open to the Public


Sunday, December 12th


Awards and Closing Ceremony (17.00 – 19.00)

Farewell Party (19.00 – 21.00)





Exhibitions. Workshops. Street Theatre Show. Digital Art. Lan Party. Robots football matches. Physical Theatre/clowns. Circus. Guided Tours for schools, children and families. Training and Technological Showcases. Urban Sculptures. Dj’s. Conferences. Debates. Percussion Music Festival. Contemporaneous Music. Try-to-be-a-professional. Contests. New Technologies. Digital Cartoons. Informatics Games. Scientists introduce themselves. The trees of nations produce fruit in winter. Sailing Competitions. Try to sail. Profissionarium



Seminars / Conferences / WorkShops

EuroSkills Lisboa 2010 is a great opportunity to bring together the key actors in vocational training - policy makers, social partners, trainers, companies and schools.


It is an opportunity to showcase, test, check and improve work and training methodologies, reinforce partnerships and strengthen common standards across Europe.


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