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One School, One Country

A partnership between Calgary-based schools and the 51 countries competing at WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

It's all fine to talk about the excitement and drama of WorldSkills Calgary 2009, but what if your school could be a part of it? The One School, One Country program, in consultation with Calgary-based school jurisdictions, will match individual elementary and middle schools with one of the countries/regions that is sending a team to compete at WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

The amazing thing about this program is that each school is encouraged to communicate with their partner country/region. The program allows each school to have the opportunity for their students to learn about another country's culture, history, language and traditions. The One School, One Country program also educates Calgary's youth about the need and importance of skilled trades and technologies and will also provide a memorable experience for the WorldSkills Competitors.


On day 1 of the 40th WorldSkills Competition, each country team will be taken to a school where they will be welcomed, encouraged and supported by the students who have worked so hard and learned all about the competitors and their country over the past several months.

In addition, we encourage the teachers and students to attend WorldSkills Calgary 2009 in order to cheer on their adopted country.

For more information, contact Debra Stark at or 403-210-4245.


Tug - colouring (gr.1+)

Tess - colouring (gr.1+)

North & South America - flag match (gr.3+)

Europe 1 - flag match (gr.3+)

Europe 2 - flag match (gr.3+)

Europe 3 - flag match (gr.3+)

Asia 1 - flag match (gr.3+)

Asia 2 - flag match (gr.3+)

Africa & Oceania - flag match (gr.3+)

WorldSkills Calgary 2009 - crossword (gr.5+)

WSI Members - word search (gr.6+)

WSC2009 Skill Categories - word search (gr.8+)

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Team Canada being welcomed by a Japanese elementary school

Japanese students greeting Team Canada

Grade 2 class presenting a drumming demonstration

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