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What is WorldSkills?

Who better to ask than the President?

"WorldSkills is a powerful means for building a global skills respect culture. It enables the best of the world's young skilled people to motivate and inspire successive generations to see that vocational skills can lead to secure and fulfilling lives in a fast-changing competitive world." – Jack Dusseldorp, President of WorldSkills International


Power. Passion. Precision. Craftsmanship. Camaraderie. Competition!

These six words represent the thrill, excitement and spirit of WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

This September, over 900 of the best young professionals from trades, service and vocational programs around the world are coming to Calgary to showcase their talents and abilities. It's the biggest event of its kind in the world.

WorldSkills International was established in 1950. Today it is made up of 51 Member countries/regions worldwide. Participants compete for gold, silver and bronze medals – striving to set world-class standards in 45 skill categories ranging from cabinetmaking to Web design.

Yet the 40th WorldSkills Competition is more than just a head-to-head challenge between aspiring professionals. It is a unique, not-for-profit event whose competitors represent everything that makes skilled professions so amazing. Filled with a rare combination of raw talent and a tireless work ethic, they really are something special.

By the time we're done, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 will have served to remind us all that skilled professionals continue to play a critical role in the success of the modern global economy, as well as make some pretty cool stuff.


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WSC2009's Association with WSI

The WorldSkills Competition is built on the pillars of integrity, transparency, fairness, partnership and innovation.

WSI endeavours to ensure that the skills at the Competitions reflect their mission, the Competition goals and are representative of the skill needs of the global economy.

The execution of a WorldSkills Competition is assigned to a Member of WorldSkills by decision of the General Assembly, after careful consideration by the Executive Board.

WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd. is a not-for-profit organization established to plan and host the 40th WorldSkills Competition in September 2009 on behalf of WorldSkills International.



WorldSkills Mission

WSI's mission is to promote, through the cooperative actions of Members, a worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards of competence make to the achievement of economic success and individual fulfillment.

WSC2009's mission is to engage the passion of our youth to pursue satisfying trades and technology career pathways that result in a motivated and highly skilled workforce.


The WorldSkills Logo

The design shows a hand, as expressed by five strong lines of colour, representing the youth of the world reaching out for new skills.

The WorldSkills logo was designed by Teaho Yang, a graphic design student at Mokwon University in Korea. His design was chosen by the WorldSkills General Assembly in June 2000 from the entries received from a global student design competition.

The logotype has been designed to complement the symbol and is based on the competition finalist design from Kathrin Baldo and Andreas Alber of South Tyrol, Italy.

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