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Transportation & Accommodation


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Here you'll find everything you need to know about getting your students to and from WorldSkills Calgary 2009. If you've got questions, we've got the answers.

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Q: Is there a fee for bus parking and drop-off? If so, is the fee covered by the Ministry of Education's transportation subsidy?

Yes.  There is a $50.00 fee per bus per day for drop-off and/or parking at the Stampede Park venue.  If your school qualifies for the subsidy, the fee is included in the approved transportation expenses and will be reimbursed (regardless of whether or not it was included in your original estimate).


Q: I am from outside Alberta, Canada. Can I bring my students to WSC2009?

YES! EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND. Please register your student arrival times with us under the "Non-Alberta" registration link (accessed by clicking on the "Get your students going to WorldSkills" link).

Q: How many days can my class attend WSC2009?

Everyone is welcome to attend all four days of competition (September 2 to 5, 2009) or any combination of the four days.

Q: What days are best to attend?

That depends on your expectations and travel limitations. Book whatever days you want with us and we will work with you to make it happen. FYI, we expect day 1 of competition (Sept. 2) to have the lowest spectator numbers, whereas competition days 2 and 3 will have the highest spectator numbers. Competition days 3 and 4 will have finished products on display, but all four days will feature heated head-to-head competition. See the "Student Arrival Registration" page for more information.

Q: What time is best to arrive?

Once again, that depends on your travel limitations. WSC2009 suggests that you arrive at the start of competition or shortly thereafter. The event halls and hands-on activities will not be open until the posted start time each day. See the "Student Arrival Registration" page for more information.

Q: What days and times are the Try-A-Skill activities and Ambassador Stations open?

Try-A-Skill activities and Ambassador Stations are open during all hours of the four days of competition.

Q: Can my class attend the Opening/Closing Ceremony?

Due to seating limitations, the opening and closing ceremonies require a ticket to attend. To ensure that everyone has a chance to see the ceremonies, WSC2009 is not reserving blocks of tickets for spectators. If you want to see the ceremonies, tickets can be won from any of the contests our media partners will be running throughout the year leading up to the competition.

Q: What grades may attend WSC2009?

We at WorldSkills Calgary 2009 encourage ALL students from EVERY grade level to attend the 40th WorldSkills Competition. However, we believe that the greatest benefit will be received by students in grade 6 and higher.

Q: Are students in grades above and below 9 and 10 eligible for Alberta Education's transportation subsidy?

Yes. Once your jurisdiction's application has been approved by the Ministry of Education, your jurisdiction is free to send whatever combination of students they wish – up to the maximum number of registered grade 9 and 10 students in your respective jurisdiction. Attendee numbers beyond the total number of registered grade 9 and 10 students are not eligible for the subsidy. See the Ministry of Education's FAQ to the right.


Q: What if I want to bring more students than qualify for the transportation subsidy?

The transportation costs of the extra students will have to be covered by the jurisdiction/school/student – depending on your internal field-trip policies. However, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 will happily accommodate each and every student that is brought to our event regardless of who is paying for their transportation.

Q: Who do I apply to for the transportation subsidy?

Each jurisdiction was to submit a "Notice of Intent" to the Ministry of Education prior to November 30, 2008. See the Ministry of Education's FAQ to the right.

Q: Who do I make arrangements with for transportation to WSC2009?

Your school/jurisdiction has to make transportation arrangements with your local transportation provider(s). We at WSC2009 will be in contact with your transportation provider to coordinate your arrival and departure procedures.

Q: Why do I have to register my arrival times, mode of transportation and student numbers with WSC2009?

Registration will facilitate our arrival/departure coordination with your transportation provider. Registration will also ensure that you and your students receive all the benefits of attending WSC2009. See the "Student Arrival Registration" page for more information.

Q: My class plans on staying overnight in Calgary, who do I reserve accommodations with?

You, your school, or your jurisdiction needs to make whatever accommodation arrangements are necessary for your trip to WSC2009. WorldSkills Calgary 2009 does have an accommodation package for teachers and students who will be attending as event spectators. For more information, click here.

Q: In what order do I have to complete these requirements?

1) Your jurisdiction should have already applied for the transportation funding. 2) Your school or jurisdiction needs to make transportation arrangements. 3) Your school or jurisdiction needs to register with WSC2009. 4) You and your school need to submit the appropriate internal paperwork for educational field trips. 5) If required, you, your school or your jurisdiction needs to make accommodation arrangements. 6) Your school or jurisdiction needs to keep WSC2009 up to date on any changes to your arrival day(s)/time(s) and attendee numbers.

Q: My school is from the CBE/CSSD. Do I have to fill out the aforementioned forms?


Q: While at WSC2009, what lunch arrangements have been made?

1) Calgary Stampede has a Boxed Lunch Program for all schools attending WSC2009.  For more information, click here. 2) Stampede Park will also have its concessions open for the duration of WSC2009. 3) Of course, students are welcome to bring a bagged lunch to the event.

Q & A from the Ministry of Education's Newsletter to Alberta School Jurisdictions

Q: Will Alberta Education support costs to transport grade 9 and 10 students to Calgary?

A: Yes. Alberta Education will assist public, Catholic, Francophone and charter school authorities to pay costs incurred to transport students and the appropriate numbers of supervisors from the school jurisdiction to Calgary and back. A Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form, in electronic and hard copy, will be provided to secretary-treasurers and superintendents to identify costs. Alberta Education will support costs associated with contracting coaches/buses from a transportation company, using board-owned buses, and, in some cases where ground transportation is unavailable, air travel. Available funding will be based on the number of grade 9 and 10 students in each school authority. The Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form will be sent by school authority to School Finance Branch and will serve as the basis for determining how many students will be transported, in what manner and at what cost to the school authority. At the conclusion of the competition, each school authority will determine actual final costs and submit one invoice to School Finance Branch for reimbursement.


Q: Does Alberta Education have a rule about using air travel rather than ground travel to transport students and their supervisors to the competition?

A: Yes. In those instances where ground transportation is not available, it would be necessary to transport students by air.


Q: Why are students only in grades 9 and 10 being specifically encouraged to attend?

A: Students in grades 9 and 10 are just beginning to think about significant career-related choices and associated course work. Seeing others demonstrate their skills in various trades and technologies will enable students to make informed decisions about taking appropriate Career and Technology Studies courses or entering an apprenticeship program. However, students from other grades are welcome to attend. The WorldSkills Calgary 2009 competition will showcase youth as world champions, increase awareness and generate interest among youth in the trades and technology sectors, and increase awareness about the high-quality training available in Alberta's K-12 and advanced learning systems for trades and technology occupations.


Q: What if all of the grade 9 and 10 students cannot or do not want to attend? Is it possible to take other students instead?

A: Yes. School authorities are encouraged to have students in grades 9 and 10 participate, but may, at their discretion, send students from other grades. Younger students may not benefit to the same degree as older students because grade 9 is the first year of formal career exploration that continues on into high school. While it is possible to have students from other grades attend, along with or instead of students in grades 9 or 10, Alberta Education will provide funding equal to only the combined number of students in grades 9 and 10. In other words, funding will be capped to transport only the combined student population in those grades. The number of students will be determined by the September 30, 2009 enrolment count submission by school authorities to Alberta Education.


Q: What is the due date for submission of the Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form and when will school authorities receive a reply from Alberta Education?

A: The Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form must be submitted to the School Finance Branch by November 30, 2008 with the superintendent's or secretary-treasurer's signature. Alberta Education will confirm funding available and respond to school authorities by January 31, 2009.


Q: By what date are school authorities asked to submit invoices and by what date will school authorities receive funding for transportation costs?

A: School authorities are asked to invoice Alberta Education for actual costs by October 30, 2009, and payments will be made to school authorities by December 31, 2009. More information will be provided to school authorities through a formal package in September 2008 and through the October Director's Report.


Q: Will Alberta Education support the costs of transporting students from their schools to a central location where the students may board a coach or a larger school bus?

A: Yes. Transporting students from smaller, more remote schools to a central location is a strategy that, in many instances, will need to be used. Costs associated with these trips to and from the central location need to be included on the Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form.


Q: Is payment to a school authority for transporting students on this type of field trip consistent with site-based decision making in which schools are normally responsible for funding field trips from their budgets?

A: Yes. Alberta Education provides funding to school authorities each year and authorities distribute funding to schools. This funding will be provided in the same fashion. Each school authority is expected to submit one Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form to the School Finance Branch before the event and one invoice for actual costs at the conclusion of the event. Superintendents may wish to have each participating school complete the Notice of Intent to Attend and Transportation Cost Estimate Form and submit it to central office for an amalgamation into one submission to the School Finance Branch. The process used by school authorities to collect estimated and actual cost information is to be determined by superintendents.


Q: Students and supervisors may require overnight accommodation and meals during the event. Will Alberta Education pay these costs?

A: No. Payment for costs associated with students' and supervisors' accommodation and meals for WorldSkills Calgary 2009 is the responsibility of the school and/or the school authority.


Q: Do school authorities need to keep on file all records of actual costs?

A: Yes. As with any funding claim, all supporting documentation must be kept on file to satisfy audit and verification procedures. Alberta Education may conduct random audits of expenditure claims at any time.


Q: Do school authorities need to coordinate the attendance of their students with the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 organizers before visiting the site?

A: Yes. WorldSkills Calgary 2009 needs to know how many students will be attending the competition on any given day to facilitate security arrangements and coordinate appropriate numbers at the various venues. Information about registering for the WorldSkills event will be available on the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 website ( after November 3, 2008. Coordination of attendance should be arranged as early as possible after this date. If more information is needed, please contact Sean O'Reilly, Youth Program Manager, at or 403-774-5015.

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