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Guiding Principles for Media Coverage

1) General
  Regarding the coverage of the Joint Opening Ceremony, WS competitions, IA contests and Closing Ceremonies, JOCISF requests media to observe instructions to be set by JOCISF who specify the time and place for media access and restrict unauthorized behaviors as using Flash, Light, Camera Stand, etc.,

2) Media Accreditation
 JOCISF will issue media AC (accreditation card) to media who undertakes coverage of the event. As a rule, all applications for media accreditation must be made in advance. JOCISF will provide pre-registered and accredited media with some advantages such as access to media centre, invitation to press conferences, etc., during the competitions.

  JOCISF will accept on-site media registration day by day during the competitions to endorse their coverage. In this case, please understand that some advantages such as access to media centre might not be available.

3) Media Pass to Joint Opening Ceremony
  JOCISF will issue a certain number of media pass to the camera spots at the joint opening ceremony and incidental exchange program among competitors/contestants of WS/IA competitions. The priorities to the camera spots will be given to: nationwide/worldwide network media and their professional camera crews, who will make an immediate report to influentially invite public awareness.

4) Media Pass to the Closing Ceremony
 JOCISF will issue a certain number of media pass to the camera spots at the closing ceremony of WS and IA respectively. The priority to the camera spots will be given by similar way to the opening ceremony.

Media Accreditation

Pre-registration is closed on 15 October 2007.

Procedures for accreditation to JOCISF
Step 1. Apply for accreditaion to JOCISF by 15 October 2007.
<Necessary documents>
a. Application form
b. Digital color photo of yourself
c. Copy of Identification
Step 2. Approval of JOCISF
Step 3. Receive confirmation form by email or fax
Step 4. Bring confirmation form and photo ID to issuance desk
Step 5. Receive media pass

Necessary documents

a. Application form Please fill out Application form [word 46.5KB]
b. Digital color photo Digital file of a color portrait taken within six months of application with white background, bust shot, full face, head uncovered, in the JPEG format of 500KB or less measuring 640 pixels high x 480 pixels wide with the file name as firstname_surname.
c. Identification A copy of Official ID such as Employee ID Card, Foreign Press Registration Card, Official Press Card and etc.,
For freelancers, please submit a sample of your work. (e.g. article, photograph; duplicates permitted)
Please return the form with the necessary attachment to by 15 October.
If you have any questions about accreditaion, please contact us at


The Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) will handle your accommodation upon your request.
Please contact at
Miyuki-cho Aoi-ku Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka 420-0857,Japan
JTB CHUBU Corp. Shizuoka Office