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5/1/2007   Add two Competitors' Villages
5/1/2007   Change the 1st payment amount
3/28/2007  Change the deadline for Accommodation registration & Payment >>details(Letter to all delegates)

Accommodation Registration is only accepted through the Registration System. For details, please click here "Registration Process for WSC2007 [PDF 47KB]"

After checking the Packaging Price and Hotel Description below, please proceed to "Registration" at the bottom of this page.

Package Price & Hotel Description

A. Competitors (C), Team Leaders (TL):
1. Package price
2. Competitors' Village information

B. Experts (E), Interpreters (I), Technical Delegates (TD):
1. Package price
2. Hotel descriptions (Hotel No.1 to No.13)
3. Hotel locations

C. Official Delegates (OD), Official Observers (OO), Observers (O):
1. Package price Hotel: No.33
2. Hotel description (Hotel No.14 to No.27) Hotel: No.33
3. Hotel locations

Since the number of rooms in category B above (Hotel No. 1 to Hotel No. 13, No.28, No.29) are limited, they will be available only for Experts, Interpreters and Technical Delegates, until further notice. If extra rooms become available a notice will appear on this website in April/May, 2007.

* New hotels may be added to categories B and C above depending on the number of requests for accommodations. If any new hotels are added a notice will appear on this website as they become available.

Summary of Registration and Payment Deadlines

1. Competitors (C), Team Leaders (TL), Experts (E), Interpreters (I), Technical Delegates (TD)
Preliminary registration
Due: February 28, 2007
→ May 31, 2007
25% payment of Preliminary Registration fee
→ JPY50,000/person
Due: March 31, 2007
→ June 30, 2007
Final registration
Due: August 14, 2007
Remaining 75% payment of Final Registration fee
→ Remaining amount per person
Due: September 15, 2007
Full Details
Individual names, flight schedules, etc.
September 30, 2007

2. Official Delegate (OD), Official Observers (OO), Observers (O)

Case 1)
If registered by August 14, 2007
25% payment JPY50,000/person is due within two weeks after receipt of invoice or by March 31, 2007 June 30, 2007, whichever is later
Remaining 75% payment Remaining amount per person is due by September 15, 2007

Case 2)
If registered after August 14, 2007
100% payment is due within two weeks after receipt of invoice

Skill Category registration and accommodation registration & payment timeline. [PDF 52.4KB]