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Course A

pic_Course A
Course A
pic_Oowakudani It is said that earth's breathe is the smoke of Oowaku-Dani. Oowaku-Dani's noted product are `black eggs`. There is a legend that when you eat 1 'black egg' you will extend your life by 7 years and when you eat 2 your life extends by 14 years. A black egg of life longevity.
Jukkoku-Toge Resthouse
pic_Jukkoku-Toge Resthouse Jukkoku-toge is a foothold to go to Izu/Hakone. It is a wide prospect and a splendid view.
Atami Plum Garden
pic_Atami Plum Garden In 1855 2.5 hectares of forest were opened up and 3000 plants were planted such as plums, pines, cherry blossoms, peaches, maples, cedars, persimmons, willows etc.